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Tiny Piecing Three Day Workshop - private event

When using solids, the emphasis is put on the shape of each piece of fabric. The lines and shapes become the focus of the quilt rather than the print of a fabric. The mood of the quilt is set by your piecing and color choice, not by a style of print.
Working with free-form, improvisational construction, students will create their own, original quilts using easy to learn design concepts and techniques.

Learn tips and tricks that make working small easier. Lynn will show you how to piece tiny stars, and other small precision blocks as well as small scale improvisational piecing.  With Lynn’s tips for working small you will be able to add a bit of tiny sparkle to your own quilt designs or make your own quilt completely from tiny blocks like on the cover of Lynn’s book, Every Last Piece. This design class is good for the beginning and advanced, traditional and art quilter. Come and join the fun as Lynn shows you easy methods for creating your own original quilts.