Morning Light

Old School Sewing door.jpg

I love coming to the studio each morning after dropping my daughter off at school. Now that the days are a bit longer and the grey of winter has started to blow away, there is lovely morning light greeting me as I reach the door.  My sewing space/classroom is just through that door you can see on the left in the above photo. 

This is the scene that greets me each morning. As I look at it I see that maybe I should push in the chairs before I leave but that's a small thing, right. They are pulled out and ready for sewing guests!

Old School Sewing studio.jpg

This space is so much brighter than my home sewing room and it's ALWAYS ready for me. It makes me smile every time I walk in.  I still don't have all of my fabric in the new space but bring more as I need it for the projects I'm working on. 

I am really thrilled to have found the perfect space in town. I love the location, the light, really everything about it. It is an excellent space for both my own sewing work as well as a classroom for the intimate quilting workshops I teach. 

Come sew with me!

Easy Valentines Made in Sewing Club

Valentine Cards.jpg

Many of the sewing club members have been working hard on long term projects lately. Some have been doing some improve piecing fabric for pillow tops or tote bags. One has been working hard on a quilt. A couple of new members have been making some smaller items. 

This week, in addition to their other projects, they made some Valentine cards. Paper punches made them easy! Some students held the paper pieces in place with masking tape and others  used the  Patterns by Annie stiletto.

card making.jpg

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Improvisation Work in Sewing Club

Some of the after sewing club members have been coming since September. They've made a number of smaller projects and decided they were ready to tackle something that required a bit more time.
I introduced them to improvisational piecing and they are hooked! They are building fabric to be used in another project. 

improv teals.jpg

I love watching them choose their fabrics and thinking about what to do next. 

improv salmon.jpg

They are all great at pulling together a coordinated color palette from the scraps.

improv working from scraps.jpg

One of the students is making a quilt from charm squares and scraps. You can see on the design wall that she's got a few rows sewn together. 

sewing club quilt.jpg

I can't wait to see what they want to do next!


Last week I held a three day workshop in the studio.

studio workshop.jpg

The main focus of the workshop was "working small." We covered a variety of intuitive or improvisational techniques with small pieces as well as some precision methods. 

All six of the students were also featherweight owners so we had a little featherweight maintenance lesson at the start of the workshop. They learned how to clean, lube, and oil their machines. As well as how do deal with common issues such as tension, skipping stitches, and when the machine just doesn't want to stitch. 

I enjoyed having people in the studio and they all did great work!


Sewing Club

My after school sewing clubs are loads of fun. We've been so busy making things that I've forgotten to take any photos! 

This week we learned how to machine applique. Here are a couple of the works in progress.

banner Welcome.jpg
banner MEOW.jpg

We used old blue jeans for the pennant pieces because they are thick and less wiggly for applique.  

Not all of the students are working on the same projects at the same time but this week everyone tried applique. Some of the other projects have been drawstring backpacks, pencil pouches, treasure bags, and greeting cards. 

The next session of after school sewing club starts the first week of November. 

Moving In

I've spent the last week or two moving in to the new space. I've got the machines all set up for sewing club next week. 


The studio/classroom has a long wall of windows overlooking Main Street and I'm looking forward to sewing with all of that morning light!

vintage singer.jpg

I still have a little more settling in to do but things are starting to look good. 

Check out the class schedule, I've got after schools sewing clubs on Mondays and Tuesdays. I'll be adding some more events soon. Let me know if you or your group want to schedule a workshop.